Summer Family Bucket List

I have loved seeing families’ bucket lists on Facebook! They make me wish that bucket lists were popular when my kids were little!

(Well, I guess we made our own Bucket List with our Summer School Goals—oh, my kids loved those!)

And I love having fun as a family…I mean, honestly, we were a FUN family. And we still go to Disney World as a family every five years!!! (Thanks to Plexus, we are moving that up to every three years!)

But for this post, I would like to propose a different bucket list than the traditional, fun, memory-making bucket list. It is the Summer Family Bucket List to Grow.

The Summer Family Bucket List to Grow

What do I mean by list to grow? I mean a purposeful list (in addition to your fun one—don’t do away with that one!) of things you will do this summer to help your family grow spiritually, morally, in character, in unity, and in benevolence.

A list of things you will do that will cause your children individually and your family as a whole to learn more about God, to grow closer to each other. To serve and help. Well…to grow!

I have included a fun printable meme (click here) that you can use as a reminder (put it on your fridge beside your fun bucket list)….but just like any goals, I want to encourage you to be specific.

You can print off that meme and highlight the things you intend to (I mean, would like to) do (since abstract lists do not usually happen!).

But take your Summer Family Bucket List to Grow one step further—and make those things happen!

If you have heard us talk about goal setting for your family, you know that we encourage you to make your goals like this:

1. List an outcome you want

2. Determine an action that will help you achieve that

3. Put the action into the schedule or routine

(For examples of these steps for summer goals, see the post here.)

In other words, don’t just let the pretty printable be it! Get proactive. Make an exact action and a time to complete that action. This will ensure that you get to some of your “growing” bucket list items!

I pray your summer is rewarding, growing, and fun! Blessings to you and your family!

What “growing” things are on your family’s list this summer? Share some to inspire others!



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