Happy Thanksgiving!

When our kids were growing up, dinner time was a crucial time of day for us–so much so that we made a protocol of “family all home together at least four nights per week”! Yes, it was that important to us.

Prayer before meals, reading Scriptures and devotionals, and having meaningful conversation at the table were highlights of our day. We often had specific questions set to ask the kids so we would have meaningful conversation. We sometimes had “affirmation” meals–where we went around the table and said affirming things about each other and to each other.

(And yes, we also had toddlers throwing down food, children who had to be removed and sent to bed, and cranky parents! But those things never stopped us!)

One of the things we loved to do at dinner or during family worship after dinner (before fun and games or just before bed!) was singing Scripture songs. To this day, our kids can sing dozens of Scriptures from our time together as a family singing the Bible.

One of those songs (though not-Scripture per se) was a prayer song. It began with the chorus of a popular song forty years ago, “Thank-You, Lord, for Saving My Soul.” From there, I added another verse to make it a mealtime prayer song.

I love this little prayer song! It brings back so many good memories–and there are times in the morning when I first wake up when I begin singing gratefulness songs before my eyes are fully open–and this little prayer song springs forth.

So I wanted to share it for this holiday season. It’s a powerful chorus to sing together before meals. It is also a reminder to our children that everything we have comes from God.

And…It is actually a really cool tool to use in situations with unbelievers as well. Even if our extended family members didn’t want to pray, they were delighted for our kids to sing this prayer song before we ate.

So here is the graphic–and below that is the link to the PDF so you can print it off for all of your guests or family members to sing together! And keep it handy for family meals after Thanksgiving too! It is simple to memorize and can become a wonderful family tradition in your home as well! It isn’t just a holiday prayer!



Click HERE for PDF download

Love and hope,


…who is immensely grateful that God sought me and saved me 42 years ago when I was seventeen–and gave me children to raise for Him!

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