Benefits of Homeschooling Series

Benefits of Homeschooling Series

Several years ago I wrote a series titled “Homeschool Benefits” in which each article gave one of my favorite benefits that we enjoyed through homeschooling for thirty-two years.

With so much interest in homeschooling right now, I thought I would gather these benefits all together in one place. Looking through these articles again, I am filled with joy as I see how these many years later these benefits still “benefit” us today: our children are life-long learners; I have fond memories of being together every day; my seven adult kids are truly best friends and support and love each other to this day; and I never regret the hours upon hours we spent reading aloud together.

So take a look. Pass this collection on to friends who are considering homeschooling. And know that these benefits are truly life-long and life-affecting!

#1 Spending Every Day Together 

#2 Children Can Learn At Their Own Pace

#3 Parents Can Choose Materials That Fit Their Religious Beliefs

#4 Siblings Get to Be Together Every Day

#5 Reading Aloud Together

#6 Parents Have More Control Over What Children Hear and See 

#7 The Chance to Use Delight-Directed Studies

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Homeschool Benefit #7: The Chance to Use Delight-Directed Studies

Homeschool Benefit No. 7 - The Chance to Use Delight-Directed Studies


Many years ago we were able to go to many homeschooling seminars including the Christian Homeschooling Workshop by Greg Harris. I mentioned before on this blog that we came home from his seminars (basic and advanced) ready to tackle one thing at a  time out of that amazing binder of material.


Homeschool Benefit #6: Parents Have More Control Over What Children Hear and See

Homeschool Benefit #6


While I am not so naïve to believe that our children cannot hear or see “bad” things if they are homeschooled—after all we are seldom with them every moment of every day, and there are potential “bad” things in our homes via television, internet, etc. However, protecting our children from hearing and seeing things that we do not want them to hear or see is a huge benefit of homeschooling.




Homeschool Benefit #5: Reading Aloud Together


Homeschool Benefit #5

Thirty-one years ago with a one-year-old toddler in tow, my husband and I
began homeschooling my younger sister who was in eighth grade at the time.
It was definitely homeschooling out of necessity due to some problems that
she was having at school with bullying and meanness because of her
moderately mentally handicapped condition. I did not know much about
homeschooling. I did read Dr. Raymond Moore’s books,  and I knew that they
coincided perfectly with the teaching in my elementary education degree and
my master’s work in reading education (in terms of how children learn).
However, to say that I knew what I was getting myself into would be a great



So basically I did whatever Dr. Raymond Moore suggested, whatever we learned
about in any books we read, whatever we learned at the Gregg Harris
homeschooling workshop, and, eventually, what we were taught at homeschool
conventions and parenting seminars. Our curriculum writer at the time, Dr.
Raymond Moore (“Growing Kids God’s Way”) recommended reading aloud quite
frequently even during Lisa’s  eighth-grade year. Likewise, Mr. Harris said
the same thing in The Christian Homeschooling Workshops. So we came home and
did just they said to do!



My first two children, Joshua now thirty-two and Kayla following three years
after,  were auditory sponges. They made reading aloud such a joy, that we
quite literally spent three to five hours every single day five or six days
a week reading aloud. We broke up our reading throughout the day and
evening, and we even called it by various names,  like subject reading in
the morning. This is what we called what people now call unit studies.
Joshua liked to call it subject reading because it made him feel like he was
really doing school at a young age! In the afternoon, we had storytime.
Various times of the day we had Bible and character time. And of course
bedtime stories and more. Some days we would have a “read all day” day in
which we would make sack lunches and not leave the sofa for five or six
solid hours. Other days we had such silly times as
“matching-green-sweat-suits-read-aloud” time! (Don’t laugh at me….that
really makes me smile!)



I had read Jim Trelease’s *”Read Aloud Handbook,”  plus had learned about read
aloud benefits from the aforementioned seminars and books, but I couldn’t
begin to anticipate the huge impact those early years of reading aloud would
have on those children and on our future children. We grew to love reading
aloud so much that quite literally, I have read aloud at least a couple of
hours every day for my first twenty-five years of parenting!



What about those benefits? Well, all of my children were eager to learn to
read. They had such warm feelings of being read to that they could not wait
to learn to read themselves. They have all become strong readers. They all
love learning as a result of that early reading. For my dyslexic children
and my late readers, reading aloud became invaluable. It built up their
background of experience and their listening comprehension dramatically.
Then when each one did learn to read, he or she brought that background of
experience and auditory comprehension with them into their reading
experiences, and they had amazing comprehension immediately upon learning to
“read” (decode words).



Educational benefits aside, reading aloud has given me the warmest, fondest
memories than a mother could ever ask for. There’s a place in my heart, a
little corner of my heart, called the read aloud corner. It is warm. It is
filled with good memories. Of snuggling with mama on the couch. Of rocking
with mommy with books in her big chair. Of squeezing four,  five, or six of
us in mommy and daddy’s bed with a stack of books two feet tall. Isn’t it
amazing to think of the benefits that homeschooling makes available to us?


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Homeschool Benefit #4: Siblings Get to Be Together Every Day

Homeschool Benefit #4



I already mentioned in an earlier homeschool benefit post about being able
to be with our children all the time. I will always cherish the eighteen
years that I have had with each of my children all day long… well sixteen
years until they started working day jobs and going to college, etc. I will
never regret that I spent those years with my children.




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