Character Ink Private Tutoring Online or In Person 2019-2020

Character Ink Private Tutoring Online or In Person 2019-2020

Character Ink Private Tutoring Offerings


Over the past year since Ray has “semi retired” (lol), he has expanded our class offerings, added a Half-Day Homeschool option for local families, and taken on dozens of private tutoring students. It has been a busy year for Character Ink!

We will be continuing the private tutoring options as long as we have spaces available for the upcoming summer and next school year.

We have also had success this year with Ray doing private math tutoring via Skype or FaceTime and Donna teaching small writing classes via an online classroom. Both of these options will be available next year as requested.

Half Day Homeschool Expanded for 2019-2020 School Year

Half Day Homeschool Expanded for 2019-2020 School Year



Character Ink will continue its new teaching arm – The half-day homeschool for 4th -12th grades and expand it for K-3rd grades – in which all academics are taught, followed up on, recorded, and graded for YOU!

ALL of this is done as your students come to “school” for 8-15 hours a week!

The following schedule and guidelines have been developed for the 2019-2020 school year. Adaptions can be made to meet your family’s needs.


Thinking of Joining a CI Class or Program in January!?!


It’s mid-school year—that time when we re-evaluate the first semester and try to make changes that will help us meet our goals for our classroom, home, and family in the coming year. For many homeschoolers, meeting some of our academic (and music, arts, physical, etc.) goals will mean securing outside teachers and tutors.

This isn’t a bad thing! In my thirty-two years of homeschooling, I either hired or bartered for woodworking, quilting, sewing, violin, viola, flute, piano, voice, science, electronics, art, worldview, debate, and much more! It helped my kids develop skills in areas that I was not as skilled in (okay…some areas I had zero skills in!), and it lifted the load for me many times!

So in this video today, I describe some of the programming we offer in our Teaching Center in Fort Wayne through Character Ink (including some new offerings this year!) and how you can join mid-school-year if desired.

Blessings on your learning, loving, and growing in 2019!




1) General Info

a. Classes start week of January 7th and run for 17 to 18 weeks depending on weather/cancellations
b. Three locations—Mondays First Assembly; Tuesdays Bluffton; Thursdays Aboite area/SW Fort Wayne
c. Half-Day Homeschool is in SW FW in our home and is in mornings only (unless you are a private or semi-private student—times vary)
d. Some new classes are starting; others have options of joining mid year with pre-requisites


2) New Classes

a. Jump Start II: Bluffton—students in grades 7 through 12 who are ready to write three paragraphs or more but haven’t written extensively (Tuesday afternoons)
b. Four Research Reports: SW FW—Upper Level High Schoolers who are ready to write up to 24 paragraph research reports (we start out with twelve paragraphs) using MLA approach to citation (Thursday mornings)
c. Private tutoring for all levels most subjects—locations and times vary
d. Online writing and language arts for existing groups or co-ops–contact us!


3) Two Semester Character Ink Cottage Classes

Click HERE

a. Mondays—complete language arts 7th through 12th grades; biology; chemistry; Spanish; speech and debate; middle school speech; junior high math—can join if complete language arts kids do four hours of videos at home to learn the program and if other subjects have the first semester done at home or elsewhere
b. Tuesdays—complete language arts for 2nd through 12th grades; can join if kids do four hours of videos at home to learn the program
c. Wednesdays–southwest FW–High school economics, advanced biology, world history–contact to see if your student is at the same spot we are
d. Thursdays— complete language arts for 2nd through 10th grades; can join if kids do four hours of videos at home to learn the program


4) Half Day Homeschool

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a. All academics taught for you and most work done here with oversight by teacher most mornings from 8:30 to 12:00
b. SW FW
c. Can possibly join in January (call Ray for details: 260-450-7063)


5) Private Tutoring

a. Various locations and days/times
b. Few openings
c. Price based on number of meetings per week


6) Online Tutoring and Writing–groups and co-ops

a. As requested
b. Call for availability 260-450-7063 or 260-433-4365 



Updates to Half-Day Homeschool Program From Character Ink


By now, most of our local Character Ink friends have heard the news : We are starting a half-day homeschool in our home in six weeks (mid August 2018!). If you haven’t heard, you can see our original announcement here.)

So far, it has been such a joy to see the “exact clients” that we had in mind for our endeavor! They say the exact words that we felt would describe someone who wants this special service:


Character Ink Announces Its NEW “Half-Day Homeschool”


Heading towards retirement and with a job change in his immediate future, Ray is leaning towards fulfilling a long-time request of us by homeschooling families: Starting a “school” in our home (as an extension of your homeschool) that takes 3.5 hours a day to do all academic teaching and instruction.

Please read on if you….


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