Several years ago I wrote a series titled “Homeschool Benefits” in which each article gave one of my favorite benefits that we enjoyed through homeschooling for thirty-two years.

With so much interest in homeschooling right now, I thought I would gather these benefits all together in one place. Looking through these articles again, I am filled with joy as I see how these many years later these benefits still “benefit” us today: our children are life-long learners; I have fond memories of being together every day; my seven adult kids are truly best friends and support and love each other to this day; and I never regret the hours upon hours we spent reading aloud together.

So take a look. Pass this collection on to friends who are considering homeschooling. And know that these benefits are truly life-long and life-affecting!

#1 Spending Every Day Together 

#2 Children Can Learn At Their Own Pace

#3 Parents Can Choose Materials That Fit Their Religious Beliefs

#4 Siblings Get to Be Together Every Day

#5 Reading Aloud Together

#6 Parents Have More Control Over What Children Hear and See 

#7 The Chance to Use Delight-Directed Studies

 I would love to help you get started or continue your homeschooling journey! Take a look at some freebies, webinars, articles, videos, and products that can help you in your coming school year!


 Freebies, Webinars, Articles, Videos, and More!


  1. FREE webinar for parents and teachers: “Help Your Kids With School”!
  2. FREE digital readers (Baby Shark and Jungle Book!) and coloring book reader
  3. FREE writing booklets and teaching videos for your students in second through twelfth grades
  4. Prioritizing video training
  5. Weight/time management/life coaching
  6. Local (Fort Wayne, Indiana) Cottage Classes
  7. Half-Day Homeschool
  8. Reading Help
  9. Writing and Grammar Digital Books
  10. Self-Integrity Training—See Episodes 19 and 20 for “Why We Don’t Do What WE Tell Ourselves We Will Do” and “Tools for Self-Integrity”

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