Homeschooling Mamas Get Healthy, Help Others, and Earn Money for the Families!

Been wishing you could feel great every day and do everything you need to do for your family? Been longing to help relieve financial pressure from your husband as he tries to earn enough money for you to be able to stay home and homeschool your children? Been trying and trying to lose weight without success?

Then stay tuned!! Six homeschoooling mamas with thirty-eight children among them have done all of those things through Plexus Worldwide!!!

The exciting video below shows you that it can be done!

If you are just interested in Plexus products in order to feel better, balance blood sugars, improve your gut health, have endless energy, lose weight, change your mood, and more—message me, and I can get you set up as a Preferred Customer to get the best deal on the products that non-Ambassadors can get.


If, however, you are interested in learning more about becoming a Plexus Ambassador and making a great income while you get healthy and help others get healthy—message me! I would love to have you on my team.


And guess what? Making money as a Plexus Ambassador is soooo much like homeschooling that you will be great at it!

I am in my last year of homeschooling, and I have just seamlessly moved from homeschooling (while still being a writer, blogger, and parenting seminar/workshop presenter) to sharing Plexus.

All of the time management, organization, “daily modes of operation” skills that I have acquired have come together in my Plexus business. And I can show you how to do it too!


If you join my team, you will get training and help to meet whatever goals you have for your Plexus business—whether it is getting the products wholesale for you and your family, bringing in an extra five hundred or thousand dollars a month—or making a career for you and your husband to eventually do together. It can be done! (The gals in the video below show that it can!)

Check out the links to my Plexus to Feel Great Blog below the video to learn more. And message, call, or email me. Let’s chat Plexus, health, family, and more!  🙂



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