Podcast Roundup: Chores & More

Welcome to another Wondering Wednesday!

Because we are swamped writing and editing our new Peter Pan and Jungle Book writing books. And because we have had a lot of great posts, freebies, etc., about chores, I thought I would do a sort of round up for you today of podcasts that might help you with chores, schedules, home management, and more!

So here you go….


Podcast: Age Appropriate Chores

Podcast - Five Homeschooling Problems & Solutions


Podcast: How Do I Get My Chldren to See Work at Home in a Positive Light

Podcast: How Can I Turn My Day From Chaos to Control? From Rowdy to Routine?

Podcast: Children and Chores


You can download our cute printable posters, “Age Appropriate Chore Posters”  at our store by clicking on the picture below!

Age Appropriate Chore Series


Let me know what you would like to hear more about and how we can help you!

Love and hope,

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