Podcast: How Do I Get My Chldren to See Work at Home in a Positive Light?In this podcast episode, curriculum author and seminar presenter, Donna Reish (of Character Ink, Raising Kids With Character, and Language Lady), answers readers’ questions about getting children onboard with housework—and getting beyond the “have to do it or you don’t get to play video games” mentality. Donna describes how to approach older kids who currently do not do much housework (including what to focus on first in those scenarios), how to build family unity through family work, how to create a mindset in your home of “we all dirty, so we all clean,” going deeper to create a teamwork approach and way of thinking/living in which we all work because we love each other and want to help our family, how to teach kids to work fast and thoroughly, and instilling in our children a love for completion and understanding of the benefits of work.

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