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School is in session everywhere now, which means young learners are learning their ABC’s and 1-2-3’s! I love back to school! I especially loved it when I taught my own kids at home! Nowadays, I am enjoying teaching (along with my oldest son Joshua, age thirty-two, history major with emphases in too many subjects to list!) one hundred students writing and language arts in cottage classes at three locations in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana. I call it my “testing program” to test my new books before we publish them, but really, they are just excuses to do what I love most—teach!


Speaking of new books, I have a new line of preschool materials coming out at my three stores (CurrClick, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Teacher’s Notebook), and I am thrilled to introduce you to the first book/download in the series! The series is called “Letters and Sounds,” and the first book in the series is a full-color download of alphabet cards. This product is called ABC Picture Cards, and it has many unique features that other alphabet letter and picture cards do not have (and features that are definitely not found in your grocery store workbooks).


Because of my love for children and my thirty-plus years of teaching experience, when I create curriculum, it has to be user-friendly. It has to do the job with as much help for the student as I can possibly put in a book. The same is true of this product. Each aspect—the font, the size of the letters, the colors, the pictures for each sound, etc.—has been carefully thought out (and tested). You can read more in the description below the video!






The first book in the series is available for download now at these three stores!


Letters and Sounds Preview 2


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ABC PICTURE CARDS (from the “Letters and Sounds” series)

Welcome to the first of many products in the “Letters and Sounds” series by Language Lady, Donna Reish! This first product contains three sets of alphabet cards (though all of the sets contain the same letters and pictures). The cards have all thirty-three letters (see “What Makes Letters and Sounds Products Unique” ) and two “clue pictures” per letter. The product also includes instructions in various uses of the cards.


These three ABC/Picture Card sets include

(1) Two-sided cards with ABC’s on one side and clue word pictures on the back—these cards have all thirty-three letters on the fronts of the cards with the coordinating “clue” pictures on the back of each card. (Aa has a picture of an ax and a picture of an apple on the back of it). The front color matches the back color on these cards. These are made to be printed in a two-sided manner and cut out to be used for flash cards and other learning activities.

(2) One-sided cards with ABC’s—these cards are several pages of all thirty-three letters only. The “backs” are intended to be blank. (You will print one sided only for these.) These can be used alone for printed letter recognition or with the one-sided picture clue cards (next) for matching letters and sounds activities and games. (These are the same as the “fronts” of the two-sided cards.)

(3) One-sided cards with clue word pictures—these cards are several pages of clue word pictures for the thirty-three sounds with various colors on them (so that children do not rely on matching colors when using the letter cards and the clue word cards for letter-sound recognition activities). These are created to be cut out separately so that they can be used for letter-sound matching games and activities. (These are the same as the “back” two-sided cards but with different background colors.)



This product also contains three 8.5 x 11 inch alphabet posters with the ABC’s aligned with how the ABC song is sung (along with tips on using these posters).

This product is ideal for any preschool, kindergarten, or homeschool in which letter recognition, beginning sounds, and letter writing are being taught.


Check out the previews at the links below:




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