Have I mentioned how excited I am to be done with my Meaningful Composition (MC) elementary books? Yep, the second through fourth grade books are done, bringing the grand total of MC books to twenty-one books of 300 to 450 pages each! Shwew….what a relief!

Introducing Meaningful Composition 2-II

I am slowly getting the videos up that go with the samples at the store. Each MC book has two weeks of completely free lessons (in their entirely..not bits and pieces). And each book will eventually have a video that explains that book’s contents and the two free sample weeks.

That brings me to this post! I would like to introduce you to one of my elementary Meaningful Composition books, 2 II: Keep It Up! Keep in mind that the four 2nd and 3rd grade books are more complete language arts than they are strictly composition/writing. Thus, this second semester MC book is a complete language arts program for one semester for your second grade level writer/language arts student.

Check out the description from the store:

“Your student will learn valuable grammar, usage, word, and prewriting skills while working his way through this sixteen week treasure. Each lesson is laid out in a similar way—beginning with a meaningful passage of material to learn to write from, Editor Duty sentences to correct, Wacky Words (homophones and confusing words), language lessons, prewriting exercises, Checklist Challenge how to lessons, dictation, outlining, and much more.”….read more.

Print off the two week sample to “try before you buy” here.

AND…..watch the video explaining the two week sample:



These books are the perfect way to bring incremental, directed writing (no guess work, no vagueness) to your students during the next semester. Try it! You’ll like it!



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