Video Compound Sentences with FANBOYS


There are hard ways to learn things. And there are easy ways to learn things. Teaching is in my blood. Love for students runs deep within me.


Those two things combined make me want to ALWAYS teach students the easy way to learn things.


Life is hard already. Let’s make grammar as easy as we possibly can. And for sure, let’s teach things that students actually need and use in real writing.

Short commercial message…..


Phonics and Grammar


That is why I drive my family (and anybody near by!) crazy with my jingles, rhymes, mnemonics, songs, tricks, and more for teaching!


Check out my lesson about creating compound sentences below….and you’ll see what I mean!


Oh….if you are rusty on your compound sentences, check out this Comma Clue #1 post. Then be brave and take a Compound Sentence Quiz! 🙂




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