Summer Is Here—Keeping Skills and Gaining New Ones

Summer is Here--Keeping Skills and Adding New Ones

“One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters.” -Unknown

Summer is here! Whether our children attend preschool, private school, public school, or homeschool, there are things that we can all do during the summer to make it an enjoyable, growing time in our children’s lives.

Summer truly proves the quote above–that one good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters. We have our children home all summer–either with us if we work at home or stay home with younger children or at home while we are working. Either way, we have all summer to be their “schoolmasters.”


Video: Using The Consequence Pies

Video: How to Use Consequence Pies

Welcome to another Wondering Wednesday A/V. Today’s episode is a V—video!

In this video, I show parents how to use our new “Consequence Pies” ebook/download (one of last month’s freebies!). However, if you do not have the Consequence Pies product, stay with me!

The methodology in this download (available here at our store) can be used with or without the product, and I explain that protocol in this video! (Plus, you could make your own pies easily after watching the video.)


Podcast Notes: Ten Tips for Staying Close During Intense Training Times

Podcast Notes: 10 Tips for Staying Close During Intense Training Times

Things to Consider About Our Relationships During Intense Training Times

(1) To your child, it can feel like he is being ganged up on—or that he is not as loved because there is so much “negative” in the form of training, punishment, consequences, etc. You want to be sure you are combating this with attention, affirmation, encouragement, heart engagement, and many positives.
(2) Keep these ten tips close-by to be sure that you are staying close and connected when he feels less than positive about the changes and expectations.
(3) While it might not be possible during these intense times to follow a certain protocol (i.e. three positives for every one negative; ten affirmations for every negative feedback/correction, etc.), it is still important not to have a negative environment in which every thing is about the training, changes, and expectations.


Podcast: Ten Tips for Staying Close During Intense Training Times

Podcast: 10 Tips for Staying Close During Intense Training TimesDonna Reish, of Character Ink Press and Raising Kids With Character Parenting Seminar, bring you this Wondering Wednesday podcast episode in which she discusses ways to keep your family and your children close during intense training times.  This episode follows the three previous ones about the 4 D’s of Behavior, Dealing With Heart Issues of Tweens, and Character Training of Routine Behaviors.  Donna gives 10 tips for affecting your child’s heart and staying close in your relationship during times of intense training.  She describes some of the things that you must consider that your child is feeling during this time as well as the effect that this could have on your entire family.  She gives some practical suggestions for keeping things fun, upbeat, and unified even during difficult times and behavior problems.

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Listen to previous podcasts here.


Podcast Notes: Character Training Routine Behaviors (With The Consequence Pie)

Character Training With Routine Behaviors (The Consequence Pie)

playListen to the podcast here!




1) Kevin Leman’s book Making Kids Mind Without Losing Yours—introduction to Reality Discipline
2) Link responsibility with privilege—get the responsibility level up to the ability level. (Read “The One Parenting Practice That Changes Everything.”)



Four D’s vs. Character Training

1. Be sure you understand the Four D’s of Behavior—the seriousness of them, the effect that they have on a child’s future relationships/life, the difference in handling them compared to character/routine training. (Listen to The Four D’s of Behavior; listen to Dealing With Heart Issues of Tweens.)


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