Podcast Notes for “Dating? Courtship? In Between?”

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Podcast Notes: Helping Young Adults Navigate the Relationship Waters


1. How they see your relationship
2. The words you use
a. About relationships
b. About males, females, and sexuality
3. Expectation Explanations


Elementary/Middle School

1. Approaching boyfriends/girlfriends—what is a boyfriend? What is a girlfriend?
2. Friendships
3. Overnights
4. Away From Family Too Much
5. Talking!!!


High School

1. Staying close..tying heartstrings…knowing what is in their hearts
2. Group activities
3. Attention to one person too much
4. Planning for the future



1. Dating? Goals…
2. Close communication
3. Ready for a relationship?



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Helping Young Adults Navigate the Relationship Waters


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