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Students writing stories this week? Parents/teachers helping kids with stories this week?


Follow this “describing tip” we use with our student to help with the descriptions in your writing:

“Only use an adjective that will cause your reader to have a different picture in his mind than he would have without the adjective.”

For example, do not write “small, wooden, isolated cabin.” The picture that a reader gets when reading that is not much different than he would get if he just read “cabin.” By their nature, most cabins are small, wooden, and isolated (or at least we picture them as so).


Only use an adjective if it creates a different picture of the noun than the noun alone paints. Use specific and vivid adjectives–or omit them altogether.


I did a Facebook Live this week of me teaching adjectives and book reports to an amazing group of middle schoolers. Hope you enjoy it! (More on the book report later!)


Beginning Middle School Adjectives and Book ReportBethany Zezula Sara Evans Bradley Evans Hannah Klarke Arnold Leslie Morris Lilli Arnold Sally Getz Taylor

Posted by Donna Reish on Tuesday, March 14, 2017




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