Writing From a Given Source Cyrus the Great (Live Video Lesson)


I had my first test run of an online video class with some amazing guinea pig students from Israel! We are offering a couple of select classes this fall as online live video classes—CQLA Level B, CQLA Level A, Research Reports. So when someone said they’d like to join me for a few weeks this summer online, I asked them to be my guinea pigs—and my first online class was born! This particular lesson was one from halfway through our new-this-fall (but tested eight semesters over the past few years!) Meaningful Composition: Jump Start (a remediation book). It is a lesson about writing from a given source.


I hesitated to share the video as we had some connectivity issues, it’s in the middle of a book (so context for the previous lessons is not there), and you won’t have the entire book in front of you. But, hey, I’m transparent—and anxious to share this new medium with my readers. So watch if you don’t mind all of those things. I loved it in spite of the difficulties, and I’m looking forward to doing more in the future!


Click here to download pages 255 – 271 from Meaningful Composition: Jump Start!








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