Product Highlight: Write On, Peter Pan! Level I


One of the best ways to get to a kid’s writing heart is to give him two things: (1) Writing projects with clear, “Directed” instructions every step of the way and (2) Fun writing topics!

Thankfully, my new Write On books offers both of these!

For those new to this series (this is the seventh book out of fifteen that will be available within the next six weeks!), here is a description of them:


“The Write On! series of books is from Character Ink Press’ Book-Movie-Book line of publications that are starting to come out in spring 2016. The Write On! books are writing/composition books of two to four lengthy lessons each, between 60 and 120 pages per book (depending on the level).


These books contain writing projects based on old books/current movies that children and adults love. The program contains all types of writing, especially focusing on research reports, essays, and stories.


Buy Write On, Peter Pan Level I here!


Product Highlight Write On, Peter Pan! Level I

The projects in the series all use the author’s signature “Directed Writing Approach,” which takes students by the hand every step of the way from prewriting (brainstorming, character and plot development, research, etc.) to skill building (for projects requiring certain skills, such as quotes or imagery or persuasion, etc.) to outlining (based on the type of writing) to writing rough drafts to editing (via the Checklist Challenge) to final copy. No vagueness. No questions as to what to write or how to write.”

These books are about three popular movies that have been re-made in the past year or so—movies that were originally popular, classic books for families. The movies (and the books) are fun, creative, imaginative, interesting, and engaging. I am trying to bring out writing books for kids that are creative, imaginative, interesting, and engaging as well!



So far, we have these three book/movie combo writing books written (five books/five levels for each movie):

Write On, Mowgli (April 2016)
Write On, Peter Pan! (February 2017)
Write On, Beauty and the Beast (March 2017)
These books in this Write On! series are available as downloadable e-books (at Character Ink Press and Teachers Pay Teachers) and as print books through Character Ink Press and Amazon.


Current and upcoming titles (five books in each title) include the following:

Level I: Early Elementary
Level II: Upper Elementary
Level III: Junior High
Level IV: High School
Level V: Advanced High School


Projects in Write On, Peter Pan Level I (Early Elementary)

This Level I book is designed for early elementary students and contains the following projects (from pre-writing through final product with all the instruction and skills needed for each assignment):

Project 1: Expanded Writing Boxes With Peter Pan Story
Project 2: Who Am I—Original Riddle Essay About Peter Pan Characters
Projects 3 & 4: Question and Outline for a Ship Report (Ships During the Time of Captain Hook).

Each project has detailed samples for students to see how the project was written by another student and in depth lessons of all of the skills needed in order to complete that project—Sentence by Sentence Writing Boxes for Peter Pan Story, including adding describers to each sentence and ending with paragraph writing (and extensive Answer Keys); Brainstorming Boxes and organizing material for riddles; Research characters from story; First Person Writing instruction; Notetaking From Paragraph Source; Answering Questions From Paragraph Source; Paragraph Writing From Notes; CAVES for Sentence Writing (Capital, All Makes Sense, Verb, End Mark, Subject); Synonym Brainstorming; Final Product.)


Check out our five Write On, Mowgli books (early elementary through upper high school) by clicking on the image below (print and downloadable):



Check out our other Peter Pan book, Write On, Peter Pan III (Junior High) by clicking on the image below (print and downloadable).



Watch for Write On, Beauty and the Beast in March at our store (five levels)


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