Write On, Beauty and Beast III Up at Stores!


It’s finally happening! I am finished with the Write On, Beauty and Beast books (five books; five levels; downloadable AND print books)—and they are going up at my stores!


Yay! That makes five Write On, Mowgli! books; five Write On, Beauty and Beast! books (by the end of next week); and two Write On, Peter Pan! books (with the other three coming the first of April). Check out the description of the Write On! books here.


The first one available is the Junior High book, and I love it! I have been testing the assignments with our one hundred cottage class students over the past two semesters, and it has been a blast!

This Level III book is designed for junior high students and contains the following projects (from pre-writing through final product with all the instruction and skills needed for each assignment): Expanded Writing Boxes With Beauty and Beast Story and Original Essay of Three Castle Objects You Would Choose as Friends.


Can someone say FUN and CUTE!?

So you might be wondering what makes these books (or any of my writing books) different from other writing books…I’m glad you asked!


There are a few secrets to my books’ success in getting kids to write (and like it!):

1) Interesting topics—Um, yeah, our Book-Movie-Book line up of books contains super interesting topics


2) Directed Writing Approach—never a writing idea book; never starters; never vague instructions about what a student should do…but hand-holding, step-by-step instructions that take a student from idea to final product with all of the steps in between


3) Skill Building along the way—I don’t ask students to write a type of paper that contains certain things without also teaching the skills that are needed to complete that project. (Have you ever had an assignment in which a student was supposed to include a quotation but the assignment didn’t actually teach the student how to write with quotations? So sorry!)



Each project in all of my books has detailed samples for students to see how the project was written by another student and in depth lessons of all of the skills needed in order to complete that project.


In the case of Write On, Beauty and Beast III, the following skills/lessons are taught in the two writing projects (Writing Boxes and Three Castle Friends Essay):


1. Sentence by Sentence Writing Boxes for Beauty and Beast, including adding describers to each sentence and ending with multiple paragraph writing (and extensive Answer Keys)

2. Brainstorming Boxes and organizing material for castle friends

3. Research objects in a castle

4. Quotation inclusion

5. Notetaking from source

6. Transition lessons

7. Paragraph Writing From Notes

8. Thesis Statement

9. Thesis Statement Reloaded; and more!


Write On, Beauty & Beast! Free Sample


Each write on book (five Mowgli, two Peter Pan, and two Beauty and Beast) has sample pages. Check them out! See if my new downloadable AND print short books might work for you!


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