Podcast-Character Ink Cottage Classes

Donna Reish, of Character Ink Publishing of Raising Kids With Character parenting seminar and blog, answers a reader’s questions about Character Ink’s  (formerly Training for Triumph’s) cottage classes for homeschoolers. Donna shares about their complete language arts programs, writing classes, social sciences for high school, science classes with labs, speech and debate, and more. She also introduces their video classes for the fall of 2015.

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Check out our class offerings/schedules for Cottage Classes for Spring 2015 by clicking here.

Check back in April to find our offerings and registration forms for Fall 2015!

Call, text,  or email with questions about our classes: 513-288-0891 or 260-450-7063 or 260-433-4365. Email characterink@gmail.com   characterinklady@gmail.com

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