I know that title is a lot cheerier than most people are when they think of Summer School. However, I want to help you look at Summer School in a little more positive light. It CAN be an opportunity to catch up on missed skills, reinforce what was just learned, or prep for the upcoming school year. It CAN be an opportunity to focus on one area of academics instead of several. It CAN be an opportunity to grow your student in an area of interest. It CAN be a great opportunity!


My teaching load is way lessened in the summer (especially this summer since I am also starting to teach Intermittent Fasting online!), but I still have a day or two in which I offer remediation classes and private tutoring. (They are never called remediation classes outside of the sign up!)


Additionally, Ray is offering a few private slots middle school/high school math and science areas. For example, he is adding one student starting in April who is behind on chemistry and wants to finish the course strong before starting school in the fall (i.e. not carrying it over). He also has some SAT/ACT math prep students in the spring and summer. His degree is in accounting. (He was a CPA before he went into a plant setting and got involved in production and materials.) However, his real “claim to fame” in teaching has been teaching speech, debate, economics, biology, chemistry, physics, and 5th-12th grade math to our own kids as well as hundreds of kids in our cottage classes.


So…..if you are considering summer school and want a little help, we’d love to help you! We are offering two 5-week sessions—students can do one or both with one non-paid miss per session (due to vacations and busy-ness of summer).


Here is what I am offering so far and what times Ray has available for private kids. Please note that if I have three or more students interested, I can add an online class or face-to-face class to my schedule pretty easily, so check out my Meaningful Composition samples if you are considering a quick summer writing class for your students!



First Session: Tuesday, June 5, 12, 19, 26, and July 3

Second Session: Tuesday, July 10, 17, 24, 31, and August 7

Ray’s Availability: Any week day or week night in SW Fort Wayne; some Bluffton/Ossian openings; Saturday mornings in SW FW

Donna’s Private Availability: Monday morning; Tuesday all day and all evening; some Thursday openings

Private Costs: Private tutoring for Ray and/or Donna is $30 for a 55 minute hour for once a week; $25 for a 55 minute hour for students who come twice a week (or one session with Donna and one with Ray). Students may miss one out of every session during the summer sessions without penalty. More than one miss per session requires a make up session or a payment. (These are summer guidelines only.) We always prefer to make up sessions whenever possible.



Donna’s Online or Face-to-Face Summer Classes—Tuesdays—(Minimum student count must be met)

  • Complete Language Arts remediation for 4th-8th grade students who have not written three or more paragraph reports and essays—Tuesdays 12:00 SW Fort Wayne (We will use CQLA Level A for this class; one month samples are available at the store.) CQLA Summer Cost: $15 per week for a minimum of four weeks each session (preferably all five weeks); plus $10 per each five week session for their book.


  • High School Writing/Remediation—grades 7th-12th who have not written four paragraphs or more of all types of writing with quotes, persuasion, and more (Jump Start book)—Tuesdays 1:30-2:45 (This is also excellent preparation for jumping into CQLA or Meaningful Composition classes in the fall!) Writing Summer Cost: $10 per week for a minimum of four weeks each session (preferably all five weeks); plus $15 per each five week session for their book.


  • You Choose! –I would love to add an online class or a different in person class to my line up this summer—check out the MC books at the store to choose a book for your student or group, and I will plan around you! (Note that this year’s in-person writing classes by Donna will be High School Essay in the first semester and Four Research Reports second semester; Jump Start is a wonderful way to get your upper level high schoolers ready for these two classes. Or we could do a creative writing class this summer if I had enough interest!) Writing Summer Cost: $10 per week for a minimum of four weeks each session (preferably all five weeks); plus $15 per each five week session for their book.



Call or text today for more information or to sign up! Decisions as to which classes will run will be made by May 15th and will be based on class enrollment. Donna at 260-433-4365.

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