Video: How to Use Consequence Pies

I continue to have technical difficulties with YouTube. I have recorded the Wondering Wednesday video “The Four D’s of Behavior” three times now (the past three weeks), and it still isn’t able to be fully uploaded.

I keep trying because I am starting to think it is really needed with all the problems!

So again, I give you a “re-run.”

However, I referred to this one several times in the Four D’s video, so I decided it would be a good one to leave with you this week—the video on Using Character Pies.

It describes how to use this tool—but it also describes how to tell the difference between routine behaviors/character behaviors and Four D ones a little. Seems like a good one before we get the Four D one!

So here is my re-run again. Pray for my technology skills!

Love and hope,


Click here to download the Consequence Pies

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