Welcome to another Wondering Wednesday video episode!

This is a special episode as the question came from a young mama who was a student of mine several years ago in language arts and writing classes. When I get a parenting or homeschooling question from a former student, I run, not walk, to get it answered for them. It brings me such joy to have helped these students with language arts, writing, speech, or debate—and now to help them with parenting.

Wondering Wednesday: Toddlers and Bedtime


Here is the YouTube description of this week’s episode. Feel free to pass it on to a friend! 🙂

“In this video, Donna Reish of Character Ink Press, Plexus to Feel Great, and Donna Reish.com, answers a reader’s question about bedtime with toddlers. Donna addresses two foundational beliefs/practices for parents—not rushing into the next stage too quickly for each child and fulfilling your parent responsibilities in each situation that you are trying to remedy or improve in your home. Then Donna moves into the exact steps that can be used to correct/improve toddler’s bedtime behaviors. Donna and her husband have raised seven children, ages eighteen to thirty-four, and have homeschooled all of them for over thirty years. Donna has written seventy language arts and writing books and dozens of parenting downloadable products.”

Love and hope,


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