Video: How to Use 4D's of Behavior

I have been trying and trying to get this Wondering Wednesday video up. I taped it three times, and I just got the file to upload!

This (along with the Character Pies video and charts) is such an important concept in parenting that I really hope I can find creative ways to get this information out to young families even more! (We will for sure be discussing this in our “”Tweens and Teens: Major on the Majors” workshop in Kelona, British Columbia in three weeks!)

Watch Part I below:


Here is the store description of the poster pack, but even if you do not have the poster pack (from March’s Freebie Friday—go to the blog and subscribe so you don’t miss future freebies!), the video can still be a big help in understanding these behaviors.

“This pack contains eight posters to use with your children to teach them what the Four D’s of behavior are. Each 8.5×11″ poster is colorful and eye-catching.

The entire set maybe used altogether or one at a time as you teach the concepts. One of the posters contains all four D’s of behavior – disobedience, disrespect, deceit, and distraction. This poster summarizes the four of these with bullet points. Then each of the four D’s has its own poster in which that “D” is elaborated upon and described in more detail.

Watch Part II below:


Also included is a disobedience math poster in which Donna lays out the foundation of obedience – doing what you’re told, when you were told, with a good attitude. This disobedience math poster has the obedience plus delay, obedience plus own way, etc., all laid out in a visually pleasing manner and one in which children can learn from quickly.”

Love and hope,


P.S. If you have any YouTube advice for me, please contact me! 🙂

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