[Video] Should You Continue Homeschooling?

Welcome to one of our May Wondering Wednesday posts! This is the time of year that I get questions about putting kids in school next year! 🙁

Sorry for the frowny face, but you have to know that a woman who is wrapping up her final (and her thirty-second!) year of homeschooling would have a frowny face about not homeschooling! 😉

Yep…I’m pretty crazy about it.

So this video is my answer to a reader’s question about whether her son should come back to homeschooling or stay in school—with some other circumstances (siblings are homeschooling, child wants to come home, parents like the accountability provided by going to school etc.).

I hope it helps some of you see the amazing opportunity we have to homeschool—and that it doesn’t have to be school or free-for-all. We can do this thing! (Persevering she was!)

Love and hope,



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[Video] Should You Continue Homeschooling?

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