Twenty Dollar Plexus Sign Up Til Friday Night!

Many of you have contacted me about getting healthy with Plexus products! Some have contacted me about building a home business with Plexus! (This makes me so happy….read why here!)

Plexus isn’t going anywhere! It’s backed by Morgan Stanley….June saw over $50,000,000 in sales….and we have over 400,000 wholesale members!!!

Why is Plexus having such success? Simple, really. Because the products change lives & the compensation plan offers legit financial freedom.

Where else can you get wholesale pricing with your own website and the opportunity to build a business for less than $20? (FYI–no pressure, no selling requirements, no inventory, no minimums!)


Click on the picture below to sign up!

Plexus Sale!This can seriously change your life in so many ways!!!

Here are some common questions we have seen during this membership sale:

1) What other costs are there?
– None. It’s $19.99 for a year’s membership (like Sam’s Club).


2) How much do I have to purchase each month to keep the membership and be able to get the wholesale price?
– $0. There’s no monthly requirement for ambassadors.


3) Do I have to sell if I sign up?
– Nope. That’s up to you. I have plenty of people that are simply wholesale customers because they wanted the cheapest price but don’t want to sell anything.


4) When’s the special end?
– July 8th at 11:59 pm EST (Friday at midnight).


5) The website still shows $34.95?
– You need to enter the FREEDOM16 promo code at checkout.


I actually had someone ask me if I’d get mad if they signed up but didn’t sell anything (she just wants wholesale pricing). No way! If that means you’re on the products and getting healthy, how can I be mad?? I believe in these products and want to help people get healthy the right way. (Read about Investing in Your Health here…)

Just a little over 20 hours left to get in on this!! Let me know if you have any questions!

Wondering what it really involves to be an Ambassador…watch this short video describing what membership means!



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