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Getting Ready For School 2015-Develop Good SchedulesWhen homeschooling moms hear the word “schedule,” they either cringe or celebrate. It seems that there is a division of camps when it comes to scheduling. While those who “celebrate” the schedule might be guilty of micro-managing their children and maybe even putting undue pressure on them, those who ‘cringe” when confronted with the idea of scheduling might suffer from a lack of productivity due to their disdain for schedules.

I have found that you do not have to have a love-hate relationship with schedules, but rather you have to figure out which type of homeschooler you are—one who loves schedules and wants to follow one to the letter or one who doesn’t care for them and would do better with a looser type of schedule that still provides some sense of structure.   Read More→





Dugger Trouble-What Christian Parents Should Really Be Focusing On

Every day it is the same thing—more Duggar articles, updates, and tidbits coming through my FaceBook feed. Everybody has an opinion—from one extreme to another.

While I met the Duggars fifteen years ago when Mrs. Duggar and I both spoke at the same conference (me on how to teach writing and language arts and her on how to manage a family of eight or ten kids! 🙂 ), I do not know them personally nor have I ever watched their show or heard them speak (outside of that conference).

The truth is that none of us know the truth about the Duggar situation. People write blog posts and articles as though they know first-hand the exact time line and the decisions and moves that were made. I have a policy of never writing about something that I know nothing about, so this post will not delve into the Duggars’ problems.

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Keeping Warm Memories Close By in Your Golden Years

Okay, I realize that most of my readers are not in their golden years. However, most will be someday. And I’m finding that, that someday is not quite as far away as I like to think for me, LOL.

This week when I was cleaning my office, I was reminded of a really great way to have  memories close by in your golden years. I was going through old files, cleaning out drawers, and organizing when I came across several notes, cards, and letters from my kids. And some from them to each other.

I had to send my assistant out on a quick errand here and there in the garage because it was hard to keep the tears from coming down. In rereading these notes, I was so happy that I started the practice of tucking cards and notes in various places – under the silverware caddy, in my underclothes drawer, in my hairbrush basket, and more.

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CAVES - How to Spot a Sentence

It has been said that when a banker or a counterfeit money “agent” learns about counterfeit money, he or she begins by learning what the real thing looks like.

I use this same approach to teach about sentences, clauses, and phrases in my language arts and writing books (Character Quality Language Arts andMeaningful Composition): teach the students what a real sentence looks like—and then teach what are not real sentences.
I teach what a sentence contains using a simple acronym: CAVES

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Character Ink Newsletter no. 19





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