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I have loved teaching reading again! And I have loved creating products to use for letter recognition and sounds/letter recognition. It is so fun to work with younger children again…and makes me anxious to teach my grandkids to read (or help teach them!).

(Click to preview the curriculum below 🙂 )

Letters & Sounds ABC and Picture Cards

ABC Sounds Song Packet

I have also loved finding a new resource for teaching reading—This Reading Mama. This inexpensive phonics program is better than any of the expensive ones I’ve seen through the years (except Play ‘n Talk, which isn’t available any more AND is not as great on practice pages and activities as this one is).  Seriously, don’t let the ten bucks make you think it’s not great…because it is! 🙂 She has word family books for all five vowels (for short vowels) for beginning readers…plus tons of other great products.

Click here or on the picture below to get it!


I recommend you subscribe to her blog to get updates of all of her products and her freebies too!

For more reading help, check out this podcast, and  a video I recently made!


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