We used to get asked a lot WHY we homeschooled…like all the time….twenty years ago or more. Nowadays, reasons for homeschooling are as diverse as the number of people homeschooling.
There are not just a handful of reasons any more—and many of the reasons (especially the fear-based ones) are not as prevalent as they were. (Not sure if this is all good….we need to fear some things for our kids.)
After thirty-two years of homeschooling (and being done for two years now—well, done with our own kids, but not the 170 kids in our classes and part time programs!), we have narrowed it down to one big reason—with lots of sub reasons.
Truly, TIME is the biggest reason that I would homeschool if I had it to do all over again—and is something I would like for you to at least consider in your decision to homeschool or not, go to school or stay home, continue on or end. Because TIME is big—and can never be redeemed.

Blessings to you and your family on your journey! Enjoy every moment you have!


P.S. Feel free to share this video. I don’t think it is something that people talk about a lot….but it was hugely impactful to our family!



I. Starting Out

A. Chose homeschooling out of fear of all of the “bad” stuff

1. Bad peers
2. Bad curriculum (secular)
3. Bad environment

B. “Pioneers”

1. We were afraid of everything (unfortunately)
2. Very Bible-driven and character-focused (fortunately)


II. Middle Years

A. As older kids entered high school

1. Moving away from fear a little and more into reality (these kids need occupations!)
2. Focused in on academics while still keeping a character-basis and a relationship style of parenting

B. Began writing curriculum and testing it with homeschooled kids


III. Ending Years

A. Relationships with adult kids and kids still in school

1. Realized more and more it was the time we have had together
2. Adult kids still needed the time

B. Watched siblings as many as ten and twelve years apart develop close relationships


IV. The NUMBER ONE Benefit of Homeschooling—Time

A. Time cannot be duplicated, redeemed, or reallocated

1. Average American mom spends 13.5 hours a week with her child; average homeschooling mom spends 77 hours

a week with her child

2. My own quick math

a. 8 hours a day x 180 days
b. Yields 1440 more hours per year that kids who are homeschooled are with their parents/siblings
c. Probably between 1500 and 2000 per year with 9 hour days, bus rides, before and after school activities, etc.

3. Any way you slice it, it is too much time to try to “make up for” on weekends or holidays or summers. The sheer number of hours is staggering.

a. At 1500 hours a year x 13 years
b. Nearly 20,000 hours

B. Time that kids are with parents

1. Who is going to shape your child during those 20,000 hours?
2. Do we want it to be teachers and peers or us?

C. Time to lean in to their strengths and weaknesses

1. Academically
2. Becoming who they will become
3. Emotional support

D. Time with siblings

1. Who are your best friends here?
2. Who matters more than anyone else here?

E. Time equals influence

1. “You will become the five people you spend your time with”
2. Kids change according to who they are with and what expectations and allowances are made
3. Time influence is the time of the people who ARE influencing your kids (you) and time that peers are NOT influencing your kids.

F. The thing we put our time into is what grows

1. Do we want the home to be the center of your child’s world or the school?
2. If our kids go to school, we SHOULD put the effort and time into that school due to the number of hours are kids spend there (don’t send them then complain about everything!)
3. Make your home the center of your family, not the school


V. Summary

A. Do I think all is lost if kids go to school?

1. No!
2. But it takes supernatural effort and work

B. Co-ops, half day programs, Friday School, private tutors, even babysitters overseeing some work can all make it happen more easily

1. Homeschooling doesn’t have to mean you do all the teaching
2. It doesn’t have to mean that you love to teach
3. It just means that you are going to do everything in your power to have as many of those 20,000 hours/ 2500 days be with you rather than away from home for their thirteen years of school.




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