Teaching Prepositions (with Facebook Live Teaching Video!)

My co-author and co-teacher (and amazing first born) just asked me a crucial grammar question: “How can any program not start out teaching how to find prepositional phrases and subordinate clauses?”

Of course, this led to a lengthy discussion about the two—how students can isolate these and then match up their subjects and verbs correctly; how they are crucial for sentence variety with sentence openers; and much more. (I love these discussions with my grown kids!!! 🙂 )

I touched on this in my previous blog post, “Why Teach Prepositions” that you can find here at the blog.

For this post, however, I want to give you an insider’s view into beginning preposition instruction (with a little prepositional phrase instruction thrown in near the end). We start with prepositions in second grade, teaching them through one or of the methods listed in the Preposition Practice Packet. (Free until the end of February! Subscribe to the newsletter a the end of this post and get it free in your inbox!!!) Then we keep building from there!

The mnemonics, check sentences, and other methods are super helpful for students of all ages.

Watch the video here!

Want to have a quick, fun, pain-free way to teach prepositions? Check out my Beauty and the Beast Preposition Practice!





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