With our Cottage Classes starting in all of our locations, we have been busy bees around here! Part of that has been creating teaching materials that our new teachers can use in the first few weeks of teaching (and that parents can use at home to reinforce what they are learning in our classes). So this post is going to introduce you to one of our new downloadable lessons (with a video lesson!) that you can use at home to teach Sentence-by-Sentence Outlining Over Given Material. Just watch the video with your student and have fun learning to write from an interesting given passage. Completely directed. Totally fun. Easy peasy.


About Tools & Tricks:

“This Tools and Tricks, Level V book teaches students how to create a Sentence-by-Sentence (S-by-S) Outline Over Given Material and how to write from that outline. It teaches Language Lady’s approach to limiting word per sentence, having provided outlining spaces with teaching notes, focusing on each paragraph’s topic, writing with unusual punctuation, determining your method early on, utilizing various sentence structures, and more. This lesson is from the “Really Writing” series of single-lesson-downloadable products and uses material about the miner who unearthed the Regent Diamond for students to outline and write three paragraphs. All outlining spaces, instructions, details, and directed writing instructions are included. You may purchase the video lesson that correlates with this at the Character Ink store or Teachers Pay Teachers—or you may have access to it and dozens of other downloadable products at the Character Ink Members’ Area at the blog and/or store.”



Here’s to a great school year for you and your kiddos!

Love and hope,



P.S. What method, book, chapter, approach, or lesson would you like to see on video? Comment below or shoot me an email, and I’ll get right on that! 🙂

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