We made it! All twenty-one of the Meaningful Composition books are done! I wrote a few of them ten years ago, but over the past three years, I have written and/or revised all twenty-one books! Whooo….I’m tired! 🙂 But super excited!!!

Product Highlight: MC 5-I Writing for Real

Students everywhere (including public and private school students who can use the downloaded portions of MC, called Really Writing) can learn to write ALL types of writing (reports, essays, stories, dialogues, twice-told tales, and much, much more!) using my Directed Writing Approach—a pain-free, step-by-step approach to learning to write. I love kids—and I am so happy that kids will be able to learn with stress-free, amazing instruction and projects.

Meaningful Composition 5-I: Writing for Real

So….I am going to start teaching people everywhere, every chance I get, about these twenty-one books—starting with this first video in which you can see the Table of Contents, the Projects Contained, and two weeks of sample lessons (that you can download and try for yourself!!). Zoom training with screen sharing are truly one of the best ways to learn about products as you can follow along on the document rather than just hearing the instructor tell you about them. Yay!

So….Meaningful Composition 5 I: Writing for Real. Here is where you can learn all about it! Watch the video, check out the links, print off the sample for two weeks and actually use it in your classroom. And let me know what you think!  🙂

Love and hope,

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Table of Contents for MC 5 I

Two Week Sample of MC 5 I


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