Turning “Unusually” High-Need Preschoolers Into the Darling Angels They Were Meant to BeIn this podcast episode, Donna Reish (author of “Raising Kids With Character Parenting Seminar” and over forty curriculum books and blogger {Character Ink and Language Lady}) answers a reader’s questions about preschoolers who are unusually high need during the day, uncooperative, and somewhat bored. As usual, Donna begins with opening thought about behavior absolutes and setting the stage for successful days. She then delves into structuring a child’s day to ward off some of the problems before they begin (schedules in terms of time blocks, involving the preschooler, teaching him, teaching focusing skills, etc.). Finally, she tackles three “biggies” with this age: fighting, whining, and not accepting Mom’s answers.

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My favorite tools to use with preschoolers:

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(1) Audios for younger children (olders enjoy too, but these can be used with two to three year olds also):

a.  The Pond audio stories
b.  Patch the Pirate (look for audio story ones, not just music ones)
c.   Jungle Jam audio stories
d.  Your Story Hour Bible stories (others are a little bit harder to comprehend/older themes)
e.  Adventures in Odyssey audio stories/radio dramas for four to six year olds and up (start with Bible ones as others can be scary/have mysteries, etc.)  Use Audios not videos to start with!
f. Best first chapter books on audios, the Boxcar Children


(2)  Wake up clocks for children

a.  Pre-made
b.  Do-It-Yourself



(3)  Tools and equipment for chores

a.  Safety knives
b.  Safety scissors
c.   Children’s cleaning tools
d.  Children’s garden tools
e.  Boogie Boards



Click on the images below to see full lists of chores you can teach your Toddler, Preschooler, and Pre K/Kindergartner!



Preschooler Preview 


Kindergartener Preview 




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