Podcast Notes: Goal Setting For Busy Mamas


While big goals are important, it gives you more momentum and more success in the long run if you start working on the dailies first. Be successful in these, and you can succeed in anything!



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The Simplified Planner




The Simplified Planner (Or any planner you lay out in a simplified manner that works for you!)

A. Daily Duties—create this by categories for more efficiency and ease of use
B. Weekly Worksheets Using the ABC Approach to Prioritizing (also by categories)
C. Monthly Memos—big picture notes for that month
D. Using Your Monthly Calendar
E. The Terrible Task List


Other Planning Tools
A. Kids’ Daily Chore Charts
B. Kids’ Daily Independent Work (for homeschoolers)
C. Your Block (or moment-by-moment) School Schedule/To Do List


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Listen to the podcast here!

Podcast Notes: Goal Setting For Busy Mamas




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