Podcast College & Young Adult Kids Living At Home

Donna Reish, of Character Ink Press and Raising Kids With Character seminar and blog, brings you some answers to questions that have been submitted about college kids and young adults living at home. Most of the Reish children have lived at home for at least two years of their college years (or more), so Ray and Donna have some significant insights to help families help their young adults to become independent while still in their parents’ home. Donna elaborates on the importance of this time period–and how to be sure it is not ruined by miscommunication, mistreatment (i.e. treating the adult children like little kids), unrealistic expectations, too much freedom
that leads to taking improper advantage of the living situation, and much more. She also explains how they have enjoyed these years with their young adults immensely. Lastly, she offers a “rough draft” contract that parents can tweak and use to help their situation work out well for both the young adult and the parents/siblings at home.


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