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Thursday, July 22nd @ 8:00pm Eastern Time

Sunday, July 26th @ 9:00pm Eastern Time

Tuesday, July 28th @ 10:00am Eastern Time

Wednesday, July 29th @ 8:00pm Eastern Time


Do you long to manage your weight while still enjoying birthday parties, weddings, showers, family dinners, and other special occasions?

Do you wish you could meet your fitness goals while still enjoying social events and nights out to your favorite spots?

Do you love to vacation and enjoy the local cuisine without guilt?

What about health…..have you heard the amazing health, anti-aging, longevity, immune-boosting, muscle-restoring, and disease prevention benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

Daily Intermittent Fasting (IF) might be the exact weight management, health, and fitness program for you….and you can find out for sure in my FREE webinar, “Start Intermittent Fasting Tonight.”

In this webinar, Donna Reish, blogger and IF teacher, will answer the top Intermittent Fasting questions for you in an engaging, interesting, and colorful presentation.

I’d love to have you join me for a free one hour webinar where I answer ten most common IF questions…

1) What is fasting?

2) Who should fast?

3) What happens during fasting?

4) Do I have different fasting options?

5) How do I lose weight with IF?

6) Can I eat whatever I want?

7) What are the benefits of IF?

8) What do I do when I’m hungry?

9) How do I set myself up for success?

10) Can I do it forever?

Check out this short video where I describe the webinar!

I’m excited to teach this life-changing material–and I can’t wait to see YOU in the webinar!

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