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Summer Family Bucket List To Grow

Summer Family Bucket List

I have loved seeing families’ bucket lists on Facebook! They make me wish that bucket lists were popular when my kids were little!

(Well, I guess we made our own Bucket List with our Summer School Goals—oh, my kids loved those!)

And I love having fun as a family…I mean, honestly, we were a FUN family. And we still go to Disney World as a family every five years!!! (Thanks to Plexus, we are moving that up to every three years!)

But for this post, I would like to propose a different bucket list than the traditional, fun, memory-making bucket list. It is the Summer Family Bucket List to Grow.

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Happy Mother’s Day! Or Happy Mothers’ Day?

The history of the holiday known as Mother’s Day is an interesting one. It was founded by a single lady who wanted to honor her mother. Anna Jarvis arranged two ceremonies in 1908 to honor mothers and initiate the holiday. 

Soon thereafter, the holiday was catching on and Mother’s Day services were held in 45 states, as well as Canada and Mexico. For four years, Jarvis continued to advocate for a national holiday to honor mothers until she founded her own association in which white carnations were the icon and the terms “second Sunday in May” and “Mother’s Day” were branded. 


Character Ink Private Tutoring Online or In Person 2019-2020

Character Ink Private Tutoring Offerings


Over the past year since Ray has “semi retired” (lol), he has expanded our class offerings, added a Half-Day Homeschool option for local families, and taken on dozens of private tutoring students. It has been a busy year for Character Ink!

We will be continuing the private tutoring options as long as we have spaces available for the upcoming summer and next school year.

We have also had success this year with Ray doing private math tutoring via Skype or FaceTime and Donna teaching small writing classes via an online classroom. Both of these options will be available next year as requested.

Half Day Homeschool Expanded for 2019-2020 School Year



Character Ink will continue its new teaching arm – The half-day homeschool for 4th -12th grades and expand it for K-3rd grades – in which all academics are taught, followed up on, recorded, and graded for YOU!

ALL of this is done as your students come to “school” for 8-15 hours a week!

The following schedule and guidelines have been developed for the 2019-2020 school year. Adaptions can be made to meet your family’s needs.


Learn When to Use Who/Whom With Language Lady!

The who/whom question is a tricky one. Out of all “pronouns” (some grammarians call who/whom pronouns; some call them subordinators; some call them…who knows…grammar is so subjective!)…anyway, out of all pronouns, who/whom is the trickiest to use correctly because it simply doesn’t sound as “wrong.” (We all know that you don’t say “Her is coming over later!”) Stick with Language Lady—and I’ll give you a tip for every usage problem you encounter (okay, maybe not every one…but I’ll sure try!)

Are Proper Adjectives Even a Real Thing?


So many grammar debates, so little time. And here’s yet another one: Are proper adjectives a thing? Or are they really just proper noun elements within a common noun?

We will likely never know for sure….

However, it really doesn’t matter what you call them. They need some proper capitalization!

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Punctuation Puzzle: Proper Nouns and Quotations with Pinocchio


By Zac Kieser and Donna Reish


Oh, proper nouns and quotations. Where do I start to explain the myriad of difficulties that students (and adults!) have with these. Am I starting to sound more like Lamenting Lady than Language Lady in the openings to these Punctuation Puzzles? If so, I am sorry! When you have taught fifty to one hundred students (in second through twelfth grades) English/language arts every semester for nearly twenty years (and you write books and products for them literally every year for nearly two decades as well), you just start to really feel sorry for these precious people who have to navigate the grammar waters with all of its exceptions and varying rules. (Sympathetic, she is!?)

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St. Patrick’s Day Pistachio Cake


I made the guys a St. Patrick’s Day Pistachio Cake tonight. I actually made two–one for the guys and one to take to a dance tomorrow night. I got the recipe from Just a Pinch and revised it a little. The guys gave it rave reviews! And it was simple!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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