Original Biographical Essay Live Lesson (Video and Download Included!)


Teaching writing is not for the faint of heart! It is the most subjective “subject” in school—and, consequently, can be one of the most challenging to teach. Oftentimes, materials designed to teach writing are more writing idea than writing instruction. They leave the student (and the teacher!) wondering exactly what to do to complete the writing prompt. This is one reason that after I write a book (one hundred in all!), test, test, and retest the book with real (or virtual starting this fall!) students to be sure that all of the steps are included and clear. Last week I shared a lesson from one of my books that I did with a mixed live/virtual class about writing from a given source. This week I’d love to give you another peek into my online writing classes for the fall with another cooperative “guinea pig” group!


This week’s lesson had the students branching out from a given source to finding their own source—in a three paragraph beginning-persuasive biographical essay. That is a mouthful…so watch for yourself….with the downloadable lesson provided! Happy writing!


Click here to download weeks 10 and 11 of the Jump Start book!





What kind of writing lesson would you like to see in action? How can I help you teach writing or spelling or grammar or reading in your home or classroom?

Love and hope,


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