National Poetry Month is quickly coming to a close. While I have given some suggestions for poetry books for various ages (, I just realized that I have never reviewed another one of my favorite “collections”–a Christian poetry collection.

So…before the National Poetry Month gets away from me, allow me to introduce you to something that I have enjoyed with older kids (ages twelve and up) as a Bible related, inspirational, devotional, literary-based “daily” (more often than not!) read: “The One Year Book of Poetry.”

This daily “devotional” contains inspirational poetry from many, many years ago to current. It has classic authors that everybody should be familiar with, as well as some lesser known. Each poem is set up in a daily, two-page spread–with the poem (or stanzas of the poem) on the left and a one page description on the right. The descriptive text introduces you to the author and gives details of the time period, the struggles the author may have been experiencing as he or she wrote, how the poem was received, etc. Many of them explain some of the more complex aspects of imagery and vocabulary. Yes, it’s a Bible/inspirational/literature lesson all in one book! I highly recommend this as an addition to your “daily” read alouds! πŸ™‚

For purchase in hardcover:

To see inside (you’ll love this!):

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