I recently did a Wondering Wednesday video episode about Creating a Love for Learning in Littles. I raised seven children who all loved learning, reading, and their organized daily routines as young children. They looked forward to story time, “school” time, family field trips, and more. There were so many things that came to play to cause this love for learning in our young children that I thought I would put some tips and links all together here in a blog post.

Littles Love Learning


So….if you are serious about helping your toddlers and preschoolers love books, learning, simple things, routine, and more, check out the links below!

Wondering Wednesday Video—“Creating a Love for Learning in Littles”

In this video, Donna gives specific tips on book baskets, activity tubs, reducing technology (and using it well), and more.


Room Time Activities Resource List

In this document, Donna details great products to use with toddlers and preschoolers—for Room Time activities and for to you do with your littles.



Great place to get age-appropriate “school kits.” Don’t let the homeschool kits aspect scare you. These are amazing kits of the best of the best put together for toddlers and preschoolers!


Creating a Love for Learning in Your Home

In this audio, Donna talks about love for learning in older children.


Turning High Need Preschoolers Into Darling Angels

In this audio, Donna talks about common preschool behavior problems and ways to handle them.



Preparing Your Preschooler to Learn to Read

In this audio, Donna teaches some strategies and habits that will help preschoolers be prepared to learn to read when the time comes.


Tips for Avoiding the Terrible Twos

In this video, Donna talks about strategies to use with your pre-two year old to avoid those “terrible twos” that people always talk about.


What to Do With a Wonderful One Year Old

In this audio series (two part), Donna talks about the amazing days of one year olds.


Jonathan’s Journal Blog Series

In this blog series, Donna uses her unpublished children’s book, Jonathan’s Journal, to detail a wonderful day it the life of a preschooler—teaching parents every hour of the day!






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