Whenever I start out with new students in a class (Character Quality Language Arts or Meaningful Composition), I always spend the a little time each week for the first few class sessions learning how to complete my Checklist Challenge (CC). Over ninety percent of the papers in all of my books utilize this editing tool, so I spend a great deal of time teaching it and helping students learn how to complete the CC tasks. It is worth it to really dig in and teach students the fundamentals of the CC—including strong verbs and describers, sentence structure and rhythm, word choice, and much more.


I thought you might enjoy another peek into my Live Online Writing class to see what week three of the CC instruction looks like—and I don’t like for people to watch the video without the document in front of them, so you can print that below also!


(If you want your kids to learn how to thoroughly complete the Checklist Challenge, check out one of our Downloadable Products that teach these skills {also available in our Members’ Area}:


Beauty & Beast Characters Checklist Challenge



How to Complete the Checklist Challenge–Level I


Character Ink Press Membership





Click here to download the pages we talk about in the video above.


Note: This lesson is from my first semester of a Live Online Class. The book used here is my upcoming remediation book, Jump Start! This book will be available in our store in October. It is remediation for students in 8th through 12th grade who have not yet learned to write four to eight paragraph papers. It begins with fifth grade level projects and instruction and then moves all the way until the end of the book has 9th grade projects. All skills needed for all the types of projects are taught incrementally within the lessons. Moreover, this book is ideal for any student desiring to many of my methods within one book—remedial or not. Many students have taken this class (live) over the three years of my and Joshua’s writing of it who simply wanted to learn many of our methods all in one place at one time. This definitely fits the bill for that as you can see in its Table of Contents and Skills & Projects lists here.




P.S. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about my classes—live or online—or any of the methods I use in any of my one hundred books! Ask away in the comments below or email me!





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