In the past eight weeks, we have spoken at three homeschool conventions, done one parenting seminar, graduated one from college and one from high school, had both of our daughters home for a week plus, got one son off for the summer for a summer ministry opportunity, and had an open house for the high school graduate! So when we woke up this morning, we were tired….and yet excited about the summer!

We homeschool year round, which basically means that some learning always takes place everyday! But we do allow time for fun “extras” in the summer–short trips, long weekends, swimming days, bonfire evenings…..more family time–yay!

I want to link you to some posts from last year–about reading with your kids in the summer, about helping your students academically during the summer, and much more. So in the next few days, I will detour again away from first thing in the morning and get some of these things re-posted (as well as some new things!). Then we’ll continue first thing in the  morning with our kids by moving into “character training” (chores!). Invite your friends! Thanks for joining us.

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