Introducing Meaningful Composition

Directed writing. Every step laid out for students and teachers. Complete and thorough editing checklist in which grammar skills are actually applied to writing (with clear check boxes and assignments). Essays. Reports. Stories. Twice Told Tales. Dialogues. Description. Persuasion.

Just a few phrases that describe the Meaningful Composition series. And I’m more excited about this series than ever!

Here’s why:

(1) I have been writing the series and testing each book three to six times with real students for nearly ten years.

It is only when you sit across from a twelve year old boy and look into his eyes that you know if a curriculum works. MC has been tested in small groups totaling over one hundred students a year for ten years.

Then guess what? I went back in and changed the lessons, projects, assignments, etc., as needed according to the facial expressions of real students in all grades.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

It’s been expensive and time consuming. But I can’t release books that have not been tested and rewritten. Period.


(2) As of August 1st, we will have twenty-one books in the MC series ready to go! Wowsie, wow, wow…that was a long process.

a) All first and second semester books for grades two through ten

b) A couple of upper level ones (Jump Start remedial book coming soon too!)

This means that you can start your second grader out with MC knowing that there are future books to go into! This means that younger siblings can now use the same series that older ones are using. (I started on the rewrites and new books for tenth grade and worked backwards—good thing since the two tenth grade books took me two years to write and several years to test!)

It also means that homeschool providers who have been offering less-than-complete or average writing programs can now offer MC as part of their package! (So spread the word to your favorite homeschool curriculum provider!). It also means that we can get re-reviewed by many people. (Cathy Duffy is waiting for the second grade books right now to review!)


We’ll be publishing more information (samples, reviews, videos, etc.) to help you learn more about this thorough, well-tested writing series. But I will leave you with these bits of info:

I. Video—below is a full video series describing all aspects of the MC series.


II. Try samples—we are putting two week samples of each book up at the Character Ink store for EACH BOOK. This gives you an opportunity to “try before you buy”! Keep in mind that you are trying two weeks out of the middle of a book, and there are a lot of skills taught earlier in that book leading up to that lesson. You can find the samples here.

III. Shorter lessons that are found in MC can be found as downloadable e books at all of our stores. We are putting these up regularly too, so check out the links at the end of this post.

Thank-you for your support of Character Ink Press as we work to bring you more and more outstanding homeschooling and parenting products!


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