This is funny….but you know this wise old mama of seven has to give advice to counteract:

(1) Tell, don’t ask. If you ask, expect and accept a no. You did ask, after all.

(2) Teach toddler to only say no to danger or people trying to harm him. Teach him to answer you yes after you’ve explained while making eye contact.

(3) Don’t use distractions (except for babies). Dressing is what humans do each day.

(4) Never permit any physical harm. He should never hit, bite, head butt, or harm another. (Getting rid of those behaviors is why we used cribs for a long time…toddlers who harm others should be separated for a bit.)

(5) Don’t give too many choices. “Today we are playing in the park so it’s play jeans and old tennies, but which play shirt do you want.”

(6) Don’t be afraid to explain things. That is how they learn and keep from getting frustrated. Just don’t let your explanation become a debate.

(7) Don’t let child run from you. Running is for playing. Again, use crib for runners.

I know it’s not easy…but it’s also not as hard as we make it. ?

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