How to Become an Amazingly Diligent Mom

When we watch diligence webinars or attend diligence workshops, we have a tendency to think in terms of how we can teach our kids to be more diligent.

I have written and spoke about this extensively….check out…..


But just like everything else that we want to help our children develop, diligence must first be in us!

I have spent the past three decades trying to become more efficient, more organized, more productive….and, yes, more diligent.

I have learned some benchmarks to test my own diligence. I have also learned some tricks to become more diligent—just a few here and there!

Guess what? The better we get at working in our homes…the more diligent we become….the more thorough and organized we are….the better our homes run.

True story.

So check out my video below and consider what diligence changes you can make this summer!




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