Getting Ready For School 2015: Incorporate Chore Sessions

One of the most important things to do in going “back to school” is definitely incorporating chore sessions (including having trained everybody in their chores during the summer). I have been writing (and podcasting) a lot about this topic this summer, so rather than re-inventing the wheel here, I will direct you to some of those for more help.


I remember vividly the two summers before my August and September babies were born. I had double the motivation to get the chore schedules updated—a new school year and a new baby’s arrival. I made mini posters for above the washing machine, and we had “laundry lessons” for several days. I upped the look of the chore charts to try to excite the kids a little bit about the new divisions of labor. We timed the tasks to be sure they could be done in the allotted time. We instituted “room to room” for three to five minutes before each chore session to ensure that everybody’s things were up out of the way before the cleaner or assistant chef or little laundry lady started her tasks.


Those are fond memories (believe it or not). The kids were sweet. They were used to working and doing their part from a year old on (when they started putting their books in a basket in the corner of their crib and their toys in another basket). It was just another time in which we learned, grew, and accomplished together. After all, isn’t that what homeschooling is all about!?


Check out some of the links below to help you start your two or three chore sessions a day—or to get ideas for improving your existing ones!


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