Getting Ready For School 2015 Delight in the Dailies

I have probably said this a thousand times in the past twenty years of speaking to and writing for homeschooling moms: do your dailies! I learned this the hard way (by not doing my dailies!), and once I learned this TRICK (and it does work like magic, so I guess you can call it a trick!), my days were amazingly better.

Because I have spoken about it and written about it so much in the past, I won’t re-invent the wheel here. But I did want to jump in to tell you to trust this fifty-something year old, homeschooling veteran of thirty-one years. When I say that this is the first, albeit simple, answer to a homeschooling mamas problems of not getting things done or feeling overwhelmed, I know what I’m talking about! 🙂

There are two specific posts in which I teach about this—one for learning to do your dailies and one for learning to delight in them….so check them out below!

Delighting in the Dailies Part I

Delighting in the Dailies Part II



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