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I won’t tell you how many weeks it is til school starts for our “Half-Day Homeschool” or our “Cottage Classes, but we all know how fast summer goes by! I hope you are enjoying your summer break–and getting some good school planning in here and there. To help with the latter, I would like to gift you my Think Fast Grammar Quiz book with detailed answer keys!

One of the ways that I teach writing is by helping students memorize the types of words that they will need to use with commas, semicolons, etc., and the types of words that they will need to use for various expressions (exceptions, giving more info, showing examples, elaborating, etc.).

I teach these to my students through rhymes, songs, jingles, mnemonics, check sentences, and more…..and then they are quizzed on them every week in order to learn them at a snap of their fingers.

This quiz booklet is that.

Here is how our store describes it:

“In this document, you will find Character Ink Press’ (CI) original Think Fast Grammar Quiz (Beginner’s Level and Advanced Level) and page after page of answers divided by category.

In testing my books, I have learned the importance of two things:

(1) Recitation/memorization of the parts of speech that are constants AND

(2) Teaching HOW to use these parts of speech (via my Checklist Challenge—intro packet available HERE).

This free 26 page document will help you with the former—teaching, memorizing, and quizzing the constant parts of speech (those with definite lists).

The quizzes test students (or give practice in) prepositions; Be, a Helper, Link (BHL) verbs, coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS), interjections, subordinators, and conjunctive adverbs. These are taught in our books (and in the Answer Key) through rhymes, jingles, songs, and mnemonics.

The lengthy Answer Key for these quizzes is divided by categories—even breaking prepositions down to ones taught with a Preposition Practice Pal, with synonyms and antonyms, with compound words, with Check Sentences, and by initial letters. You will not find a more thorough list of these parts of speech anywhere—especially lists with the tricks and tips that CI materials provide.”

Regardless of the grammar, usage, or writing program that you use, the Think Fast Quiz and Answer Key booklet can be a huge help to you. Let me know what you think—and if you need help implementing it.”


Click on the picture below to go to the store—and use your freebie code QUIZFREEJULY (hurry! It’s free only until August 1st, 2018)!


Think fast,





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