A few more ideas for encouraging/helping your child with sentence writing, then we’re on to something new!
  1. If your child is hesitant to write because of penmanship difficulties, either teach him how to type (use a typing program for young kids) or write for him as he dictates to you. He needs to see that penmanship difficulties do not mean that he is unable to write. Writing is thinking. Penning is art.
  2. Try having him write sentences about things you are doing. For example, have him write a sentence each day in a journal about that day or every Saturday about the weekend.
  3. Or have specific things listed at the top of a journal for him or her that he/she writes about:
    1. Monday: Weekend
    2. Tuesday: Food
    3. Wednesday: Book
    4. Thursday: Animal
    5. Friday: Person
    6. Saturday: Movie
  4. Have him write a sentence under a picture, similar to captions. These pictures may be ones that he has drawn or colored or cartoons or pictures from a book.
  5. Make a list of nouns and a list of verbs. Have him write a sentence using one word from the noun list and one word from the verb list. For example:
NOUNS                                               VERBS
Dog                                                     run
Boy                                                      jump
Girl                                                     catch
Radio                                                  blare
Cow                                                    ate
For more sentence writing help, along with help in other areas of language arts, for the second/third grade level (i.e. already reading well), check out the sample of the our books, “Character Quality Language Arts,” Level Pre A (http://www.tfths.com/samples.php ). There is a full month that you may use with our child free of charge. Happy writing!


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