Tomorrow is the last day of 2010! And the 365th day of the first year of Positive Parenting 3*6*5! I want to thank our readers and subscribers who have made this year so enjoyable for me as a writer. I also want to give you a sneak preview of the coming year here at Positive Parenting.

We are going to keep the name Positive Parenting 3*6*5 (although we will only post on weekdays next year) simply because I don’t want to “start from scratch” with a new name, url, etc.

I am excited about Positive Parenting in 2011—because you are going to be our “test” audience for many of our points from “Character Training From the Heart”! Yep, we are going to have a character training focus at least for the first part of the year (and probably much longer!).

So invite your friends to join us! But beware—the first few weeks of “how to’s” of character training are going to focus on the beginning of character training—modeling and having the character of Christ ourselves first!  Happy new year!

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