Our “homework help” is going beyond one week! Just a couple more categories of prepositions to give you, and you will be ready for any preposition quiz you ever have! Smile…
A person becomes a good student and an effective learner when he or she learns how he or she learns! For example, some people study for a test by making note cards; others like to recite facts aloud while studying; others learn best just by reading the textbook over and over.
Language Lady 365 will help you become a better learner by teaching you different learning strategies–and you can use the one(s) that work best for you.
For example, in learning prepositions, you may use your “Preposition Practice Pal” (PPP) from earlier. Or you could memorize them in alphabetical order. Or you could learn them in categories, like beginning letters or opposites.
Besides learning prepositions that fit into the “Birdie flew” sentence and learning prepositions that begin with certain letters, you can also learn prepositions that are opposites!
After all, prepositions show position, so it makes sense that opposite words are prepositions since many of them show position too.
Birdie flew ___________________ the tube.
Fill in the blank for any opposite word that might fit.
Note: Many words have more than one opposite of them—under has over and possibly above. You may list any one you think of for each one.
  1. Birdie flew above the tube.
  2. Birdie flew ___________________ the tube.
  3. Birdie flew beneath the tube.
  4. Birdie flew __________________ the tube.
  5. Birdie flew atop the tube.
  6. Birdie flew __________________ the tube.
  7. Birdie flew below the tube.
  8. Birdie flew __________________ the tube.
  9. Birdie flew inside of the tube.
10. Birdie flew__________________ the tube.
11. Birdie flew off the tube.
12. Birdie flew __________________ the tube.
13. Birdie flew over the tube.
14. Birdie flew __________________ the tube.
15. Birdie flew on the tube.
16. Birdie flew__________________ the tube.
17. Birdie flew inside the tube.
18. Birdie flew __________________ the tube.
19. Birdie flew to the tube.
20. Birdie flew__________________ the tube.
 Some of the prepositions that you may have listed include (but are not limited to):
  1. below, beneath, under, underneath
  2. out
  3. above, over, atop
  4. on
  5. below, beneath, under, underneath
  6. below, beneath, under, underneath
  7. outside
  8. down
  9. from
10. above, over, atop
11. above, over, atop
12. out, out of
13. to, toward, towards
14. outside of


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