I have been talking about praising your children with character names and terms. Yesterday I shared 100 Character Qualities and Defintitions. Below you will find links to some character training sites–many with qualities, definitions, Scriptures, etc. and some with action steps to help you teach character.


49 Character Qualities with Definitions and Action Steps: https://www.charactercincinnati.org/qualitieslisting.html

Character That Counts–100 qualities, definitions, character ministry and materials— https://www.characterthatcounts.org/hundredpluscharqualnew.html

Character Qualities for Leaders–with questions and verses: https://www.eagleflight.org/Pastor/harvest_qualities.html

Dozens of character qualities with links to dictionary defintitions–cool site~! https://cte.jhu.edu/techacademy/web/2000/kochan/charactertraits.html

Teaching character in the home: https://www.conquering-stressful-family-hurdles.com/character-traits.html

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